• We first listen carefully and attentively to you, your philosophy, your special arrangements with clients, your concerns and desires.
  • We intensively research and investigate the account. We learn as much as possible about the entity, their executives, financial circumstances, credit arrangements, and professional relationships.
  • Our extraordinary network of electronic resources, financial connections, and private investigators enhances our research.
    The data we are able to compile is truly stunning in its comprehensiveness. Having gathered this information, we plan our approach and execute our strategy.
  • We establish a dialogue with the responsible parties, addressing them with respect, but also confronting them with the unyielding message that matters must be resolved without further delay.
  • We seek always to permit delinquent entities to retain their dignity and honor their obligations in an atmosphere of mutual trust.
  • Our skilled, executive-level professionals cut quickly to the core of the problem. Aided by our advance knowledge of your customer’s capabilities and limitations, a resolution is carefully crafted, negotiated, and implemented.
  • After the delinquent customer agrees to remit, we monitor compliance to assure that a complete and rapid recovery is achieved.

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